USAID – israel: $700m vs Gaza: $10m

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USAID – Israel: $700m vs Gaza: $10m

On December 16, 2014, the US embassy in Turkey announced that the US has donated $10 million to Palestinian Authority (not to Gaza government run by Hamas) for efforts to remove rubbles left from Israel’s 50-day carpet-bombing of Gaza Strip this Summer. According to a statement issued by the mission, the US administration made the donation through the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

Israel, as usual benefits from every war with its neighbors. It receives more military and financial aid from its western donors. United States which is the major funder of Israeli wars in the region, donates $3 billion military aid to the Jewish army plus it replaces all the military hardware used by Israeli army against its neighbors. The Congress has already committed nearly $700 million to replace all rockets, missiles, anti-missile batteries and ammunition, Jewish army…

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Friedman is what’s wrong with America Today .

Finally , someone said what I always thought . I am someone who is easily fascinated with writers\columnists ,and at one time in history , Friedman gained my respect . And of course it only needs a single wrong word to make your hero fall from the highest skies in unfixed pieces. This article says it all. ” A democratic society requires a vigorous press, debating different ideas. Today, the media, corporate America and the military industrial complex have coalesced around the idea that “everything is ok.” A provider of journalism Friedman is not; he is a marketing guru for the world as it is. And nothing dulls the edge of critical thinking more than the presumption that all is well. Credit cards give us the illusion of material success; Friedmans give us the illusion of moral and political success, while the public is dumbed down to a useless degree for a democracy. “

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Coherence-ing Incoherence

I wish there is a rock, mountain high and distant from this universe, where one can have a look outside of those too many circles of complications that are surrounding us like a giant snake. The rock I mean needs to be on a different comet having a panoramic view on earth.

The situation around the globe seems like what I always call the Kafkaesque system applied in Jerusalem towards Palestinians.

The world is getting into this kafkesque-ing situation that one cannot get his head from his toe anymore. From the reconciliation government between Fateh and Hamas to the removal of Hamas from the terrorist organizations today by the EU Justice Court. And swinging on a UNSC resolution application between an expected veto by the U.S.A or not.

A lot took place in between, and it wasn’t just the kidnapping of three Israeli settlers and a war that took a form of genocide on the people of Gaza and a continuous ethnic cleansing procedure that never stopped since 1948.

The rise of ISIS, why, who, when, it still seems like an avalanche, some like me still insist they are not real. But they are real, and it is already past through the analysis of the whys and how’s of their existence. All the mess between all what is Islamism in a form of terror from Syria to Iraq and if we forget, Taliban came in to participate in the scene to bring Pakistan in the sphere.

Islam and terror, from one side and Ebola in Africa from the other side.

A bigger differnet aspects of war is going on elsewhere, Ferguson eruption and white black racism is nothing but a shade of reality that is not in question but a reminder to that part of the world. Russia, Putin. Ukraine and flights and now Russian currency and oil prices.

Australia and a terrorist Muslim, again …

Germany and immense warfare deals with Israel, and a Jewish massive demonstration scene in Berlin.

Egypt and Ikhwan; also Hamas. Erdogan and demonstrators.

European countries successively recognizing a Palestinian state … so what?

Israel and another elections.

Palestinians and inner conspiracy thinking,

Olive oil getting more expensive than gasoline.

We are entering the era of Bollywood

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life in Hebron

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Bullying games ..

I am not sure how funny the situation is. The pressure that the idea of Palestinians submitting to the UNSC for a resolution that aims to ask for a full Israeli withdrawal from the 1967 borders. (My question remains, which 1967 borders exactly, with the wall, or without, inside or outside, highways, settlements, ….all those “minor facts on the ground issues).

A move that will likely be received by an American VITO, however, this is the first time ever, that Americans are hesitant in how they are willing to put forward their VITO, which seems like an accomplishment!!!!

Maybe it is also true; the time is ripe from the Palestinian side to go with such a move. Israel is isolated and condemned for its unprecedented outrageous violence and crimes against Palestinians in scandalous forms. The last months witnessed an international move towards such a recognition that started by Sweden, and is rolling by many other countries. Even though, I believe that time was ripe two years ago, and twenty years ago as well.

What is sarcastically funny is the Israeli bullying behavior. I cannot but laugh with awe listening to Netanyahu’s cries and his spokes people screams and nagging threatening Palestinians and the universe for ….for what?

Ok, they have actually reasons; for violating the accords signed together, meaning Oslo. We Palestinians are finally, for goodness sake is violating that sacred agreement. And Netanyahu is really worried that this move will threaten the peace process!!! He is actually right, what we have is a peace process. The processing of this peace feels like meat in a butchery that comes out as salami.

From one side Netanyahu’s diplomacy works on bullying Palestinian from inside and the international community from one side, and he personally takes the mission of bullying the US from the other side.

The funny thing in all this is that he dares to speak … and the sarcastic thing is that he finds audience …and the tragedy is that he gets away with it his way.

The good news for us is … that we already know it all, so we will not be surprised, not even disappointed. Another good news is, that, Netanyahu is really pissed off.

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شبكة أخبار البلد :: للأقصى سنسري…وفي الأقصى سنبقى

شبكة أخبار البلد :: للأقصى سنسري…وفي الأقصى سنبقى.

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Peace of Death

Peace of Death

The first news that came even before coffee today was, the killing of another Palestinian young man (21) from Qalandia refugee camp early this morning while the Israeli army made an incursion there.

I don’t know if it was the morning serenity and its effect, or the scenes of last night ending of the Australian café siege with horror accompanying faces of the besieged getting out that made me look into the face of this young martyr and really taking a long observing look that all my instincts were resisting to see a calming peace in his closed now dead eyes, with blood still not dry coming from his mouth, but a scene of absolute serenity was overwhelmingly present.

I always avoid photos of dead people. But somehow, when it becomes headlines, it is unavoidable, and this is the third photo I have seen in the last week, that some the same “attraction” towards looking at it drew me in.
The third death scene was something that was on YouTube yesterday also, for an Italian singer who had a heart attack while he was singing, and he shortly died after. It was unbelievable to see it and realize it was really happening.
When thinking of Ziad Abu Ein last moments, he loud words. This young man is said to have been killed while trying to prevent the Israeli army from entering the camp by throwing some explosives on the army. The singer was playing on his piano singing loud.
How suddenly silence takes over. As if a message says: “ take it easy, relax, it is over. Everything will be Ok now”. This is what I saw on the freshly dead face of this young man.
Maybe, there is real peace in death after all….

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